Resources: Identifying a Mach III Product


How to Locate the Product & Date Codes

The following information is stamped into the housing of Mach III products.

  1. Mach III Clutch, Inc. name and phone number
  2. Product Number (See Examples)
  3. Date of Manufacture (See Examples)

The location of this information varies by product. Use these photos to guide you:

Air Set Brake with highlight to indicate product ID location
Clutch Brake Combination  with highlight to indicate product ID location
Clutch  with highlight to indicate product ID location
Foot Mount Clutch  with highlight to indicate product ID location
Torque Limiter  with highlight to indicate product ID location
Pilot Input Clutch  with highlight to indicate product ID location

The Product You Have May Not Be Shown On This Website

Mach III has produced more than 2000 unique assemblies. Information, repair parts and replacements are readily available for all of these. Contact customer service with your product number for assistance.

Unable To Locate a Product Code?

Sometimes the product number information is removed by equipment manufacturers, is worn away, or is intentionally omitted from proprietary OEM products. If you can tell us the type and manufacturer of the machine we may be able to identify the product. Digital pictures of the unit can also be used to identify a product. Please contact engineering for assistance.

When Ordering Products with ALPHA NUMERIC Codes Ending in -STH, -STL, -GRH or -GRL

The following additional information is needed when these items are ordered:

      1. Specify the Bore Size You Require
        Mach III catalog products (except NEMA Frame models) are available with bores and keyways for a range of shaft sizes. The required bore size must be specified by the client at the time of order. All bores are provided with a standard Keyway. If a non-standard keyway is required, please contact Mach III prior to ordering to confirm that the keyway can be supplied.
        Example: T5A2H-STL, 1.250 Inch Bore
      2. Specify the Required Pilot Mounted Accessory (If Applicable)
        Many Mach III catalog products are available from the factory with the required sprocket, pulley or v-belt sheave mounted on the pilot. Please specify these items as required.
        Example: T5A2H-STL, 1.250 Inch Bore, 40A32 Sprocket
      3. Specify the Required Torque Setting (If Ordering a Torque Limiter)
        The slip torque value of all torque limiters can be set at the factory for a nominal fee. If a torque setting is desired, please specify the value in either pound-inches or pound-feet. All torque settings are +/- 10% of the value specified.
        Example: T5A2H-STL, 1.250 Inch Bore, 40A32 Sprocket, 1,200 Torque Setting

All Other Product Codes

With the exception of some older generation products that have all-numeric product codes (for example, 5200), all characteristics of the product are specified by their product code and no additional information should be needed. 

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