Resources: How To Order


Ordering Catalog Products

All catalog product numbers end in alphabetic characters

The following should be specified for each catalog item ordered:

  1. Product Number
  2. Bore Size
    Mach III catalog products (except NEMA Frame models) are available in a range of bore sizes. The required bore size must be specified by the customer at the time of order. All bores are provided with a standard Keyway. If a non-standard keyway is required, please contact Mach III prior to ordering to confirm that the keyway can be supplied.
  3. Pilot Mounted Accessories (if applicable)
    Many Mach III catalog products are available from the factory with the required sprocket, pulley or v-belt sheave mounted on the pilot. Please specify these items as required.

  • Example: C5A2R-STH, 1.25 Inch Bore, 50A30 Sprocket

Ordering Non-Catalog Products

All non-catalog (custom) product numbers end in numeric characters

All characteristics of a non-catalog product are identified by the product number. No additional specifications are needed.

  • Example: C5A2R-002

Submitting a Purchase Order

Purchase Orders may be submitted to Mach III either by email or fax.


Purchase Order Acknowledgement

All orders received by Mach III Clutch are acknowledged with confirmed pricing and a scheduled ship date within 24 hours. If you do not receive an acknowledgment, please call for there may be a problem preventing us from receiving your fax or email.

Payment Options

Visa  MasterCard  American Express  Discover
Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards accepted

To establish credit terms, go to Documents for Clients to download Mach III’s credit application and policy. 

Payment for clients outside the United States and Canada is required by wire transfer. Please contact Mach III for more information.

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