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To Establish Mach III As A New Supplier

The documents below contain the information most frequently needed by our clients to establish Mach III as new a supplier, or to maintain their supplier records. Please contact Mach III for any other information required.

To Establish Credit Terms With Mach III

Mach III will consider establishing a Net 30 credit account for any client who:

  • Is a business located in the USA or Canada.
  • Has placed a purchase order for minimum of $1,000.00 in products -or- has purchased products in the past that, combined with a current order, will exceed $1,000.
  • Has completed a signed Mach III Credit Application & Policy. Clients may substitute their own standard credit information document in lieu of the first page of the application. The second page must be signed.

Required Forms:

Mach III will gather information provided by your references, and by independent business credit rating services, to make a determination as to whether or not your company qualifies for credit terms. The credit review and approval process can usually be performed while the order is in process. For orders requiring a lead time of less than two weeks, a credit card may be required. 





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