Overload Protection / Slip Applications

Slip clutches provide overload protection by transmitting torque from one machine component to the other until an overload is experienced. This function can be performed by two types of Mach III products:

Manually Adjustable Mechanical Friction Torque Limiters
Manually Adjustable Mechanical Friction Torque Limiters

Mach III mechanical torque limiters are slip clutches which provide a fixed amount of torque. The torque value is set manually through the adjustment of a nut. Once set, the nut is fixed with set screws. When the torque setting is exceeded, the torque limiter slips until the overload ceases. Friction torque limiters do not disengage automatically, so they do not require re-set. However, a means of sensing and stopping the overload condition must be in place or the friction torque limiter will continue to slip, eventually overheating to the point where it is unfit for continued use.

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Air Adjustable Friction Clutches
Air Adjustable Friction Clutches

When supplied with low coefficient friction linings, many Mach III pneumatic clutch models can be used as slip clutches to protect against momentary overloads. The torque value is linear to the air pressure supplied and the clutch will slip when the torque setting is exceeded.

Using an air actuated slip clutch offers two advantages. First is the ease of adjusting the torque setting by simply increasing or decreasing the air pressure supplied to the clutch. Second is the ability to complete disengage the connection when required by exhausting the air pressure.

If considering use of an air applied clutch for a torque limiting application, we suggest that you contact our engineering department to discuss your application and guide you through the options.

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More Torque Limiter Options
More Torque Limiter Options

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