Used to open and close gate valves in water treatment and irrigation systems, this friction torque limiter coupling connects to a power drill with a #3 Morse taper socket. The coupling is pre-set at the factory to a torque value you specify and can be adjusted in the field if needed.  When the torque setting is exceeded, the coupling slips to prevent over tightening.

T4X2R-STH Torque Limiter + COUPL-032 Coupling

  • Male #3 Morse Taper Input
  • Torque Settings Between 10 and 233 Pound Feet
  • Coupling Shown Fits 2 Inch Square AWWA Operating Nut
  • Other Coupling Options Available

This design can be adapted for multiple uses, including mounted directly to a hand operated wheel (see our Taming the Gorilla article).  

Mach III is a leader in the design and manufacture of custom friction torque limiters.  Contact us about your application.