An arm used to position components during the assembly of an aircraft had problems with overload when it went into use. The arm was articulated by a timing belt pulley located at the pivot point that was driven by a belt connected to the motor. Extra load put on the wing assembly transferred backward through the arm to the motor. A torque limiter would resolve the issue, but there was only one inch of axial space available between the pulley and frame in which it could be placed.

Nothing existed that was that thin and would deliver the needed 530 pound inches of torque required. It appeared redesign and rebuilding of the arm might be the only option, one which would be both time consuming and costly. 

Luckily, Mach III’s engineering team figured out how to combine the timing belt pulley and torque limiter into one component. Nothing had to be moved; even the belt position was maintained. Just as remarkable, Mach III expedited production to keep the maker of the assembly arm out of hot water with their client. Only 12 days after the application was presented to Mach III, 5 complete torque limiter/pulley assemblies arrived onsite. 

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