Which is Why Caulder Converting Uses SensiFlex®SensiFlex® Tension Control Clutch Air Flow Illustration

Having founded Caulder Converting (Hendersonville, NC) as a contract converting company, Dennis Caulder knew first hand the frustration of working with clutches and brakes that engaged at too high a pressure and then pulsed or cogged during operation.  He sought to eliminate such problems when his company started manufacturing converting equipment of it’s own.  While searching the web in 2007, he came across Mach III’s SensiFlex® tension control clutches and brakes. Interested by the fact that SensiFlex® was specifically designed for converting applications, he decided to try a 58PI clutch for a press that he was building. Since that time, Caulder Converting has used Mach III clutches and brakes on all of its presses. Caulder Converting Eleven Anvil PressAccording to Dennis, “Nothing else compares for narrow web converting.”

Caulder Converting uses a component-type design allowing them to layout and build each press tailored to their customer’s needs. Their most recent project is the eleven anvil, seven inch press pictured here. Designed to produce a multi-layered medical device, this variable speed press runs from 40 to 50 feet per minute.  The press incorporates a total of twenty two SensiFlex® clutches and brakes including the 58PI shown below.SensiFlex® 58PI Tension Control Clutch

To see why quality conscious OEMs like Caulder Converting choose SensiFlex® tension control clutches and brakes, click below to view a side by side comparison of the smooth operation and responsive performance of the SensiFlex® 58PI clutch versus a competitor’s clutch.

SensiFlex® versus The Competition

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