Friction clutches from Mach III Clutch, Inc. can be shipped complete with a pilot mounted sheave. In some cases, the sheave is manufactured by Mach III and fitted onto a catalog unit. In other cases, the length or diameter of the sheave may require modification of the unit to provide the proper support. Below are examples of each.C8D3K-STH--C8A2K-STH-P025-003_thumb2


The customer who purchased this C8D3K-STH heavy duty, end of shaft mounted friction clutch required a 15 Inch O.D. 3-5V groove sheave on the pilot. Mach III manufactured both the clutch and sheave and shipped the complete assembly within four weeks.




The customer who purchased this unit needed something similar to the catalog model C6D3K-STH, but with a 7.0 Inch diameter, 4-5V groove sheave which was too long and too small a diameter to fit on the pilot of the standard model. Mach III modified the catalog design by lengthening the unit and making the sheave an integral component mounted on bearings directly on the drive hub.


In addition to providing the required sheave, Mach III offers every catalog product with a range of bore and keyway sizes so customers are not required to modify their shaft or use bushings to obtain the correct fit. Also shipped with a rotary air fitting, these clutches are both out-of-the-box ready for quick installation.

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