Mach III commonly modifies catalog products and designs entirely unique assemblies to match customer’sBinder Clutch mounting requirements.  In this example, Mach III’s customer sought an alternative for the electric combination clutch-brake shown on the right.  The original unit was manufactured outside the US, was costly and had a unacceptably long lead time.  After obtaining the application specs to determine the required clutch and brake torque, Mach III designed a drop-in replacement.  Time to complete the application review, design process and production of the unit was just 5 weeks.

Custom Model:  X5M1H-001X5M1H-001 013

  • Combination Air Engaged Clutch and Spring Engaged Brake
  • Clutch Torque Capacity:  741 pound inches @ 80 PSI
  • Brake Torque Rating:  163 pound inches (spring set) with 20-25 PSI release
  • 20mm Diameter Output Shafts with Standard Keyseat


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