logo-legoDesigning a motion system is not as simple as connecting LEGO® bricks. Sometimes the components you select do not directly interface with one another. Other times, you search all day, but find that nothing interfaces with a component. Enter Mach III. We specialize at configuring brake housings to fit between servo motors, air motors, actuators, gear reducers and other components.

Here are some examples:



D3C3R-005 Spring Engaged Brake 

Input:    213TC NEMA Servo Motor
Output: 182TC NEMA Gear Reducer
Torque Capacity:  222 pound inches



D8C2K-004 Spring Engaged Brake 

Input:   Yaskawa Servo motor
Output: IEC 160 B5 Flange Gear Reducer
Torque Capacity:  3,728 pound inches

D4C2R-001 _side_200x190


D4C2R-001 Spring Engaged Brake 

Input:     Dyna-Torque 7 Air Motor
Output:  IEC100-B5 Flange Gear Reducer
Torque Capacity: 274 pound inches 



D6C2G-001 Spring Engaged Brake 

Input:    Alpha Fanuc Servo Motor
Output:  Ball Screw
Torque Capacity: 1,478 pound inches



B2C2Q-001 Air Engaged Brake 

Input:   Allen Bradley Servo Motor
Output: Apex Planetary Gear Reducer
Torque Capacity: 90 pound inches

Can we make a brake to go between the components you’ve selected?

There’s only one way to find out:     Contact Mach III Engineering