Clutch-Brake With Integral Pulley

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This combination clutch-brake is similar to Mach III’s catalog model W4A2H-STH which has a ball bearing pilot on which a sprocket or pulley can be mounted. The pilot is driven when air is applied and held stationary when air is absent. An application called for the unit to have a 36 degree, 3L groove pulley with a 3.96 Inch pitch diameter which is too small to fit on the pilot. Mach III made modifications to reduce the size of the internal components so that the pulley could be incorporated directly into the sleeve.  

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Heavy Duty End of Shaft Clutch With Integral Pulley

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x-defaultThis air actuated friction clutch is a customized version of the Mach III C6D3K-STH.

  • 7,405 lb.-in. Torque @ 80 PSI
  • 2.125 Inch Bore with Standard Keyway
  • Integral 6-5V Groove Pulley
  • 0.25” NPT Rotary Air Union
  • Enclosed Construction

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Conveyor Clutches Last A Long Time When Properly Applied

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MachIII_5004_1986Returned to Mach III for factory repair, the letters “JHG” were stamped in the housing of this multiple disc friction clutch which is used on an accumulating conveyor.  Under Mach III’s former date coding standard, this means the clutch was manufactured in October, 1987 – 28 years ago!

Designed for use at low air pressure to minimize wear, this clutch provides 2,300 pound inches of torque at just 30PSI and  includes integral 60A21 and 60B21 sprockets.  Mach III also produces combination clutch-brakes with integral double-single sprockets for chain driven live roller conveyor applications requiring a controlled stop to prevent drift of product, pallets or containers.

End of Shaft Mount Clutches With Integral V-Belt Pulleys

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Mach III Sheave ClutchesMach III offers all-in-one, easy to install solutions to your clutch needs. One example is our ability to adapt our heavy duty end of shaft mount air engaged friction clutches to accommodate the exact v-belt pulley required by our customers. Clockwise from top left:

  • (4) 5V Groove Pulley
  • (6) 5V Groove Pulley
  • (4) 3V Groove Pulley
  • (2) B Groove Pulley

Connect with Mach III engineering to discuss your application.  

Custom Combination Air Set Clutch & Air Set Brake

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Mach III’s catalog model clutch-brakes require only one air signal to engage the clutch.  Clutch torque is linear in relationship to air pressure applied.  The brake engages automatically with spring pressure as soon as air is exhausted from the clutch at a fixed value. 

Sometimes, however, a client requires more torque than can be provided with the catalog design.  This custom model incorporates both an air set clutch and air set brake.  The clutch and brake are controlled with  separate air signals (see air inlets marked “B” for brake and “C” for clutch) and torque can be varied in both the clutch and brake portions of the assembly.

See Other Customized Clutch-Brakes

Ultra Compact Friction Clutch With Double-Single Sprockets

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C3D1Q-001Developed as a retrofit replacement for a tooth clutch, this compact air actuated friction clutch provides . . .

  • 208 pound inches torque @ 80 PSI
  • 4.49 inches overall length
  • 1.0 inch bore
  • Double-single 60A19 sprockets
  • Enclosed construction 

. . . and unlike a tooth clutch, it provides a soft start and can be engaged dynamically at higher speeds.

This clutch is designed for use in a chain driven live roller conveyor.

Clutch with Elongated Pilot Provides Proper Pulley Support

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For this low speed application, a Mach III end of shaft mounted clutch with a bronze bushing pilot was required.  The pulley the customer intended to use, however, was too wide for the pilot of the catalog model clutch and would have resulted in an overhung load.  Operating a clutch with an overhung load will cause uneven and premature wear and may result in the clutch “walking” off the shaft. 

Overhung Load

To accommodate the pulley, Mach III produced the pictured clutch which is similar to the catalog model only with an elongated pilot.  The elongated pilot provides proper support for the pulley by centering it over the bronze bushing.  For guidance on proper attachment of sprockets and pulleys, download our eBook:  Mounting Sprockets and Pulleys on Pilot Style Clutches

High Torque Clutches for Low Pressure Operation

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Used on chain driven live roller conveyors (CDLR), these multi-disc air clutches offer a large amount of torque in a small package. They are designed for operation at low pressure (30 PSI) to maximize wear life and facilitate quick installation with push-in air fitting connections.

3 Inch Model:  362 Pound Inches @ 30 PSI, 0.75 Inch Bore, 40A20 Sprockets, 5.76 Inches Long x 3.5 Inches Diameter

4 Inch Model1191 Pound Inches @ 30 PSI, 1.0 Inch Bore, 50A20 Sprockets, 6.73 Inches Long x 4.5 Inches Diameter

5 Inch Model:  2,300 Pound Inches @ 30 PSI, 1.4375 Inch Bore, 60A21 Sprockets, 7.31 Inches Long x 5.73 Inches Diameter

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Custom Design Solutions: Clutch with Undersized Pulley

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For a laminating machine, the customer required Mach III’s catalog model 58PI SensiFlex tension control clutch. However, the machine design called for a 44 tooth, 5M belt pulley that was too small in diameter to 58PI--ADPTR-020-WEB5fit on the clutch’s 2.75 inch diameter pilot. The solution to this dilemma is a custom adapter including a P44-5M-25 pulley that bolts to the 58PI pilot. The set screws which fix the clutch to the shaft are accessed through a hole in the adapter.

Mach III has the capability to supply custom adapters and couplings for many catalog models.

Custom Design Solutions: Pilot Mounted Sheaves

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Friction clutches from Mach III Clutch, Inc. can be shipped complete with a pilot mounted sheave. In some cases, the sheave is manufactured by Mach III and fitted onto a catalog unit. In other cases, the length or diameter of the sheave may require modification of the unit to provide the proper support. Below are examples of each.C8D3K-STH--C8A2K-STH-P025-003_thumb2


The customer who purchased this C8D3K-STH heavy duty, end of shaft mounted friction clutch required a 15 Inch O.D. 3-5V groove sheave on the pilot. Mach III manufactured both the clutch and sheave and shipped the complete assembly within four weeks.




The customer who purchased this unit needed something similar to the catalog model C6D3K-STH, but with a 7.0 Inch diameter, 4-5V groove sheave which was too long and too small a diameter to fit on the pilot of the standard model. Mach III modified the catalog design by lengthening the unit and making the sheave an integral component mounted on bearings directly on the drive hub.


In addition to providing the required sheave, Mach III offers every catalog product with a range of bore and keyway sizes so customers are not required to modify their shaft or use bushings to obtain the correct fit. Also shipped with a rotary air fitting, these clutches are both out-of-the-box ready for quick installation.

Contact our engineering department to discuss your pulley, sprocket or sheave requirements. Click Here for contact links.

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