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Power-Off Brake For Short Axial Shaft

clock September 19, 2018 14:45 by author Mach III Clutch

The Need:D5F2R-001gif

  • Minimum 600 pound inches to hold a shaft stationary when air pressure (power) is absent.
  • Brake must fully release when 60 PSI is applied.
  • Ample radial space available to connect the brake housing to the machine frame, but . . .
  • Only 2.125 Inches of an un-keyed, 1.687 Inch round shafting extends from the  machine frame.

The Solution:

  • Custom brake design uses a shrink disc to lock the brake hub onto the shaft.
  • Brake housing connects to the machine frame on a 6.563 Inch Bolt Circle.
  • Brake provides 1,200 pound inches of brake torque, fully releases at 59 PSI.

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Overload Protection Retrofit

clock August 17, 2018 13:32 by author Mach III Clutch


A positioning arm that held a panel in place as it was attached to the wing assembly of an aircraft was already in use when a problem was discovered. Overload placed on the panel was traveling through the drive train to the motor. Thinking outside the box, Mach III’s engineering team devised a solution that fit within the existing drive system.

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Compact Holding Brake with Metric or Imperial Bore and Air Inlet

clock May 19, 2017 15:46 by author Mach III Clutch

D3B1Y-003_200x190Less than 4 Inches in diameter and 2.32 long, this compact spring applied brake holds the shaft stationary with 166 pound inches of torque until 55 PSI is applied to release it. Connection is simple. The brake slides on the shaft and is fixed with a key and set screws. Just two cap screws or pins are required in the machine frame to react the brake torque.

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Slip Clutch Adapted For Diameter Restriction

clock September 16, 2015 06:14 by author Mach III Clutch

T4A4H-001_highres_outlinedThis mechanical friction torque limiter was created in response to a customer’s request for a slip clutch with a 3180 pound inch setting and a 44L100 pilot mounted pulley. The first challenge of this application was that the outside diameter of the torque limiter could not exceed the diameter of the pulley. Mach III designed this unit with eight friction surfaces to deliver the required torque within the diameter restriction. 

The second challenge was that the unit had to fit on a 1.25 Inch shaft.  The design could accommodate a 1.25 inch bore, but there was no room for a keyway.  Mach III extended the drive hub and fitted it with a locking collar to connect the torque limiter to the shaft.

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High Torque Holding Brake Fits Within Diameter Restriction

clock November 1, 2013 07:05 by author Mach III Clutch

D6F4G-003_x500The application for this spring actuated holding brake required a minimum 3,300 lb-in torque capacity.  Our engineers first recommended the Mach III catalog D8F3K-STH,  however, the machine design could not accommodate the 11.75 inch flange diameter of this standard model.

To accomodate the radial space constriction, Mach III used the D6F3G-STH brake as a base and incorporated additional friction surfaces. The result was a brake with 4,405 pound inches of holding torque within a 9.53 inch diameter. 

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Ultra Compact Friction Clutch With Double-Single Sprockets

clock January 21, 2013 18:00 by author Mach III Clutch

C3D1Q-001Developed as a retrofit replacement for a tooth clutch, this compact air actuated friction clutch provides . . .

  • 208 pound inches torque @ 80 PSI
  • 4.49 inches overall length
  • 1.0 inch bore
  • Double-single 60A19 sprockets
  • Enclosed construction 

. . . and unlike a tooth clutch, it provides a soft start and can be engaged dynamically at higher speeds.

This clutch is designed for use in a chain driven live roller conveyor.

Custom Designed Puck Brake

clock November 6, 2012 07:23 by author Mach III Clutch

A departure from Mach III’s typical housing geometry and shaft mounted designs, these spring applied – air released puck brakes were developed for a manufacturer of web finishing and processing equipment.


  • 194 pounds force at 0.25” clamp Brake on Machine
  • 85 – 90 PSI full release
  • Dimensions 2.0” x 2.0” x 2.812”  

So, if you did not see anything on this website that looks like what you need, it does not mean that Mach III cannot or has not manufactured it.  To date, Mach III has designed and manufactured more than 2000 custom designs. 


Custom Design Solutions: Tension Brake for Constrained Space

clock June 8, 2012 16:26 by author Mach III Clutch

The brake pictured is designed for a machine that requires a slip brake to maintain tension on spool of transformer wire but has a very narrow envelope in which to accommodate it.

  • Torque Capacity:  575 Pound Inches @ 80 PSI
  • Overall Length:  1.74 Inches, Outside Diameter:  7.25 Inches
  • Bore Size:  1.5 Inches
  • Vented top plate dissipates heat generated by constant slip.

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