Brakes With Customized Housings for C-Face Connections

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logo-legoDesigning a motion system is not as simple as connecting LEGO® bricks. Sometimes the components you select do not directly interface with one another. Other times, you search all day, but find that nothing interfaces with a component. Enter Mach III. We specialize at configuring brake housings to fit between servo motors, air motors, actuators, gear reducers and other components.

Here are some examples:



D3C3R-005 Spring Engaged Brake 

Input:    213TC NEMA Servo Motor
Output: 182TC NEMA Gear Reducer
Torque Capacity:  222 pound inches



D8C2K-004 Spring Engaged Brake 

Input:   Yaskawa Servo motor
Output: IEC 160 B5 Flange Gear Reducer
Torque Capacity:  3,728 pound inches

D4C2R-001 _side_200x190


D4C2R-001 Spring Engaged Brake 

Input:     Dyna-Torque 7 Air Motor
Output:  IEC100-B5 Flange Gear Reducer
Torque Capacity: 274 pound inches 



D6C2G-001 Spring Engaged Brake 

Input:    Alpha Fanuc Servo Motor
Output:  Ball Screw
Torque Capacity: 1,478 pound inches



B2C2Q-001 Air Engaged Brake 

Input:   Allen Bradley Servo Motor
Output: Apex Planetary Gear Reducer
Torque Capacity: 90 pound inches

Can we make a brake to go between the components you’ve selected?

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Servo Motor Brake Holds When Power Is Off

clock November 10, 2015 20:30 by author Mach III Clutch

Servo Motor BrakeThis spring engaged, air released friction brake was designed at the request of a thermoforming machinery manufacturer in Taiwan who needed to assure that a forming platen is held stationary in the absence of air pressure.  Communicating by email across 7,800 miles and 12 time zones, Mach III’s engineers were able to obtain all the details about the application as well as the dimensions of the servo motor and gearbox the brake would go between.

Within a couple of days a design and quotation were presented for this holding brake which has 2,409 pound inches of torque.  The brake connects directly to a Yaskawa SGMGV-IE 15kw servo motor on the input side and a Lenze GKS-11 3W gearbox on the output side.  

Click Here to view the spec sheet.

Holding Brake Connects Directly To Rotary Actuator

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Mach III Holding BrakeLike many of Mach III’s custom designs, this brake design began with an inquiry about a catalog model spring engaged brake.  An engineer working on a drive system needed a holding brake to prevent a Rexroth RAK-8D  actuator from being back driven and losing position if air pressure was lost. The connection to the actuator was a 19mm square rather than a typical round shaft and key and since the system would be on an offshore oil drilling platform, the brake had to be enclosed.

While it was possible to enclose the D4F3R-STH brake the engineer had inquired about and produce it with a square input, he would have to make changes to his design to connect the brake to the motor. Instead, Mach III engineers presented the concept of this enclosed spring engaged, air released brake with a flange containing six through holes on an 80mm bolt circle to connect directly to the actuator. The brake has 500 pound inches of torque and requires 77 PSI to release.  The time span between the initial inquiry and the quotation for the custom design was just 4 days. The lead time to produce this
completely custom brake solution was only 3 short weeks.

Click here to view the spec sheet.

IEC Flange Clutches, Brakes & Torque Limiters

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X5C2R-004_highres_outlinedIn addition NEMA Frame mounted models, Mach III also produces clutches, brakes, clutch-brake combinations and torque limiters to IEC Flange standards.  The model pictured is a combination air applied clutch – spring applied brake.

  • Part Number:  X5C2R-004
  • IEC 100 Frame, B5 Flange
  • 28mm Input Bore and Output Shaft
  • Clutch Torque:  495 lb-in @ 80 PSI
  • Brake Torque:  197 lb-in, 20-30 PSI Release

NEMA and IEC models are available in a variety of finishes:  aluminum, anodized aluminum and stainless steel, making them suitable for food processing and packaging applications.  

Click here to see the spec sheet.

High Torque Holding Brake Fits Within Diameter Restriction

clock November 1, 2013 07:05 by author Mach III Clutch

D6F4G-003_x500The application for this spring actuated holding brake required a minimum 3,300 lb-in torque capacity.  Our engineers first recommended the Mach III catalog D8F3K-STH,  however, the machine design could not accommodate the 11.75 inch flange diameter of this standard model.

To accomodate the radial space constriction, Mach III used the D6F3G-STH brake as a base and incorporated additional friction surfaces. The result was a brake with 4,405 pound inches of holding torque within a 9.53 inch diameter. 

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