Torque Coupling with O-Ring/Retainer Pin Connections Enables Quick Socket Changeovers and Prevents Stripped Threads

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O-Ring_Connected_Torque CouplingUsed for installing switching mechanisms on railway lines, the drill press to which this torque limiting coupling is attached sinks large screws into railroad ties made of various materials such as steel, concrete, plastic and wood. Each material requires a different size of screw and a different amount of drive torque. The railroad workers are able to manually adjust the slip torque setting of the coupling to the value needed for each material by loosening or tightening the adjustment nut. The output shaft allows for the quick interchange of sockets to accommodate the various screw sizes.

Mach III provides rapid turn-around for application adapted designs. This torque limiter was designed and quoted within 24 hours of the initial discussion between the client and our engineers. The units were manufactured within 3 weeks. 

To see how this unit limits torque transmission, Click Here.

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Wash Down Clutch With a Lead Time That Saved The Day

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C5A3K-001A food processing equipment manufacturer received an unexpected and unpleasant piece of news when they tried to purchase the nickel plated jaw tooth clutch they had designed into a new machine, a 16 week lead time!  Needing a 5 week lead time to meet the delivery date required by their customer, the manufacturer contacted us.  Did Mach III have a clutch that was equivalent?  Could we deliver in 5 weeks?  After reviewing the application and coordinating with production, our engineering team said, "Yes."

Our designers even found a way to expedite installation by incorporating an adapter so the clutch could be directly connected to the Lovejoy L150 elastomeric spider coupling used in the machine design.

The base for this design is the C5A2K-STH catalog model. For corrosion resistance, the unit is sealed and all exposed components are made from stainless steel and aluminum. This clutch is a prime example of the quick customization available from Mach III.  

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Torque Limiter with Bearing Supported Coupling

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Mach_III_V6G2G-001_Torque LimiterAt Mach III, we try to find balance between due diligence regarding new applications and driving our customers and prospects crazy with questions, but this is one example of where it prevented a costly mistake.  This design evolved from an order for the  V6G1G-STL torque limiter mechanism with coupling.  The catalog model was chosen by the end user after consulting Mach III’s website and the company tasked with building the equipment ordered what was specified. 

At the time of the order, however, there were several red flags that led to contact between Mach III’s engineering team and the project engineer.  Their discussions and a review of layout sketches revealed that V6G1G-STL was unsuitable as there was no support for the coupling shaft and the unit did not have the required torque capacity.  The unit which resulted, V6G2G-001 pictured above, includes a rigid coupling with internal bearing to pilot the 1.75 Inch drive shaft and support the 2.0 inch coupling shaft.  It has a torque capacity of 8,777 pound inches, almost 3 times more than the model originally chosen. 

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NEMA COUPLING CLUTCHMach III’s catalog model NEMA Frame clutches have a female input bore and male output shaft and are designed for coupling motors and gearboxes.  But what do you do when you need to couple two components with output shafts, one metric and one imperial?  Insert a custom designed Mach III clutch with NEMA housing that has a female input on both sides.

Specifications for Product No. C3C2R-002:

  • Torque Rating = 573 @ 80 PSI
  • NEMA Frame Size = 143T/145T
  • Input Bore = 0.875 Inch with Standard Keyway
  • Output Bore = 32mm with Standard Keyway

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Mach III’s custom designs can accommodate a variety of torque and special mounting requirements.  Click below to see other examples:

Imperial to Metric Servo Brake

Torque Limiter with Off-Center Mounting Flanges


Brake with Air Released Coupling Simplifies Process

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Brake with Air Released CouplingAn air engaged friction brake and air released coupling are combined in this custom designed assembly.  The brake stops and holds a roll of material during a laminating process. When the process is complete, the user applies air to the coupling which then slides open. The roll, joined to the coupling with a tang-end shaft, can then be quickly removed. 

The air released coupling is also available as a stand-alone item.  

Custom Air Released Coupling Facilitates Quick Roll Change

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This air released coupling was custom designed for an application requiring a quick and simple means of inserting and removing rolls of material.  The face of the coupling (right) bolts to the machine frame.  Air is applied to the coupling when the operator presses a button which retracts the sleeve and exposes the slotted shaft end.  The operator can then slide a tanged shaft into the coupling.  When the air is released, the coupling sleeve closes to retain the shaft. 

The shaft is driven by a clutch which is connected to the extended shaft shown on the left side of the coupling. This coupling can be used with a clutch for stop/start or tensioning applications or a brake for stopping, holding or tensioning applications






Coupling Clutch For Keyless Locking Device Connection

clock July 12, 2012 10:15 by author Mach III Clutch

Mach III offers a variety of catalog models for shaft-to-shaft coupling.  Those catalog models provide shaft attachment with a keyway and set screw. 

For this application, the customer wanted to attach the coupling half to the shaft using a keyless frictional locking device.  Mach III outfitted a catalog model through shaft pilot mount clutch, C5A2R-STH, with a custom designed coupling. 

Keyless Frictional Locking Device

Would a custom design make your assembly process easier? Mach III has custom adapters and couplings options for many catalog models. 


Torque Coupling with Morse Taper Input

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Used to open and close gate valves in water treatment and irrigation systems, this friction torque limiter coupling connects to a power drill with a #3 Morse taper socket. The coupling is pre-set at the factory to a torque value you specify and can be adjusted in the field if needed.  When the torque setting is exceeded, the coupling slips to prevent over tightening.

T4X2R-STH Torque Limiter + COUPL-032 Coupling

  • Male #3 Morse Taper Input
  • Torque Settings Between 10 and 233 Pound Feet
  • Coupling Shown Fits 2 Inch Square AWWA Operating Nut
  • Other Coupling Options Available

This design can be adapted for multiple uses, including mounted directly to a hand operated wheel (see our Taming the Gorilla article).  

Mach III is a leader in the design and manufacture of custom friction torque limiters.  Contact us about your application. 

Morse Taper Input Torque Limiter Coupling

clock April 22, 2009 05:59 by author Mach III Clutch

This torque limiter is part of an assembly used to open and close a gate valve.  The Morse taper input connects to a handheld power tool while the female square output connects to a square boss on the valve assembly.  The torque limiter prevents over-tightening the valve.


  • #3 Morse Taper Input Torque Limiter Coupling - Square Output
  • Variable Output Options:  Unit shown has a 2.06 Inch square.  Other geometries available including imperial and metric bores with keyways.
  • Maximum Torque Setting:  1400 pound inches

Contact Mach III to enquire about this assembly or the configuration and torque value you require:

3D Model Request


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