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IEC Flange Clutches, Brakes & Torque Limiters

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X5C2R-004_highres_outlinedIn addition NEMA Frame mounted models, Mach III also produces clutches, brakes, clutch-brake combinations and torque limiters to IEC Flange standards.  The model pictured is a combination air applied clutch – spring applied brake.

  • Part Number:  X5C2R-004
  • IEC 100 Frame, B5 Flange
  • 28mm Input Bore and Output Shaft
  • Clutch Torque:  495 lb-in @ 80 PSI
  • Brake Torque:  197 lb-in, 20-30 PSI Release

NEMA and IEC models are available in a variety of finishes:  aluminum, anodized aluminum and stainless steel, making them suitable for food processing and packaging applications.  

Click here to see the spec sheet.

Clutch-Brake With Integral Pulley

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This combination clutch-brake is similar to Mach III’s catalog model W4A2H-STH which has a ball bearing pilot on which a sprocket or pulley can be mounted. The pilot is driven when air is applied and held stationary when air is absent. An application called for the unit to have a 36 degree, 3L groove pulley with a 3.96 Inch pitch diameter which is too small to fit on the pilot. Mach III made modifications to reduce the size of the internal components so that the pulley could be incorporated directly into the sleeve.  

Click Here to view the spec sheet.

Clutch-Brakes for Harsh Environments: Mach III Has It Covered

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W4A2H-STH_W4A2H-004Mach III frequently adapts catalog products to meet the individual needs of the application.  In this example the customer required a combination clutch-brake that would drive a pilot mounted sprocket when engaged and hold it stationary when disengaged.  However, the environment in which the clutch-brake would operate was dusty and there was a potential for particulates to enter the clutch-brake where they could cause premature wear or failure. 

Mach III adapted the cylinder portion of a catalog model W4A2H-STH clutch-brake by expanding the outer diameter and elongating it to form a cover.  Both the catalog model and modified design are shown on the right. 

This or a similar solution can also be used in clutch, brake and torque limiter designs.

Custom Combination Air Set Clutch & Air Set Brake

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Mach III’s catalog model clutch-brakes require only one air signal to engage the clutch.  Clutch torque is linear in relationship to air pressure applied.  The brake engages automatically with spring pressure as soon as air is exhausted from the clutch at a fixed value. 

Sometimes, however, a client requires more torque than can be provided with the catalog design.  This custom model incorporates both an air set clutch and air set brake.  The clutch and brake are controlled with  separate air signals (see air inlets marked “B” for brake and “C” for clutch) and torque can be varied in both the clutch and brake portions of the assembly.

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Custom Design Solutions: Foot Bracket Mounted Clutch-Brake

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Mach III commonly modifies catalog products and designs entirely unique assemblies to match customer’sBinder Clutch mounting requirements.  In this example, Mach III’s customer sought an alternative for the electric combination clutch-brake shown on the right.  The original unit was manufactured outside the US, was costly and had a unacceptably long lead time.  After obtaining the application specs to determine the required clutch and brake torque, Mach III designed a drop-in replacement.  Time to complete the application review, design process and production of the unit was just 5 weeks.

Custom Model:  X5M1H-001X5M1H-001 013

  • Combination Air Engaged Clutch and Spring Engaged Brake
  • Clutch Torque Capacity:  741 pound inches @ 80 PSI
  • Brake Torque Rating:  163 pound inches (spring set) with 20-25 PSI release
  • 20mm Diameter Output Shafts with Standard Keyseat


Contact our engineering department to start working on a custom design solution that meets the special needs of your application.  Click Here for contact links.

Food Safe Combination Air Set Clutch - Air Set Brake

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A manufacturer of food packaging equipment contacted Mach III looking for a combination clutch brake which would stop and start a pinch roll shaft with constant input from an attached pulley. The clutch/brake had to meet the following special requirements:Food Safe Clutch Brake

  • covered & made of food-safe materials
  • end of shaft, flange mounting
  • capable of handling the pulley belt load on the unsupported end

The unit Mach III designed and manufactured was built from anodized aluminum, stainless steel and electroless nickel plated parts and food grade grease. To support the overhung belt load special bearings are used between the housing and drive hub. The clutch brake is attached to the machine frame using the tapped holes in the end plate. This combination air set clutch/air set brake is rated at 286 lb-in clutch and 143 lb-in brake at 80 PSI and is only 4-1/4” in diameter.

Mach III’s engineering department is available for assistance with selection of products for special environments.  

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