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Custom Design Solutions: Food Safe Torque Limiter

clock March 18, 2019 10:18 by author Mach III Clutch

T4B2H-003_1This slip clutch was developed for an application where sheets of beef jerky are pulled through processing machinery by a studded wheel. Problems arose if any of the wheels became jammed. The resulting torque spikes were damaging other machine components. Click Here To Read More

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Torque Limiter Allows Fish Barrier To Lower Automatically

clock February 22, 2019 12:41 by author Mach III Clutch

coho-salmonThis torque limiter is part of a hoist system that raises and lowers large barrier grates that allow the flow of water from a drainage waterway adjacent to the Sacramento River, but prevent spawning salmon from swimming in. A torque limiter was needed to provide a means of slipping the hoist system  – effectively lowering the grates automatically when an excess of force is caused by the build-up of debris preventing damage to the weir structure and equipment. 

Unique challenges of this application were addressed through custom design:

  • Installation between SEW compact helical gear box and SAF77 gearbox
    The torque limiter housing has non-standard B5 input and output along with anT8C3K-001 integral adapter.
  • The unit must support a 255 pound overhung load. 
    The housing was specially designed to provide the required support of the SAF77 gearbox and Rototork actuator.
  • 24/7/365 outdoor exposure
    The housing provides complete enclosure of the internal components.
  • The slip torque setting needs to be adjustable onsite.
    Two ports covered by sealed, removable panels allow access to the adjustment nuts. After loosening a jam nut with an open end wrench, the adjustment nuts can be rotated to increase or decrease compression of a disc spring which raises or lowers the slip torque setting. The torque limiter remains in place throughout the process.

To view the spec sheet for this torque limiter, Click Here.


One of 6 hoist systems, including the torque limiter, in place atop the Wallace Weir.

Overload Protection Retrofit

clock August 17, 2018 13:32 by author Mach III Clutch


A positioning arm that held a panel in place as it was attached to the wing assembly of an aircraft was already in use when a problem was discovered. Overload placed on the panel was traveling through the drive train to the motor. Thinking outside the box, Mach III’s engineering team devised a solution that fit within the existing drive system.

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Hand Adjustable Torque Limiter

clock May 20, 2018 07:30 by author Mach III Clutch

T4Q1R-001_highres_outlinedThis torque limiter is used as a tension brake. The operator uses the knurled adjustment knob to vary the tension on a roll of film as it is unwound and applied to an architectural panel. The unit is constructed on a solid drive hub that extends from the unit and has a half inch wide and deep slot output to accommodate the tang on the core chuck.

Other configurations of this design are possible so if on-the-fly adjustment would be a benefit in your application, contact our factory based engineering and design team. All Mach III products are made in the USA and lead times for custom designs average less than 4 weeks. 

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Torque Coupling with O-Ring/Retainer Pin Connections Enables Quick Socket Changeovers and Prevents Stripped Threads

clock February 1, 2017 02:45 by author Mach III Clutch

O-Ring_Connected_Torque CouplingUsed for installing switching mechanisms on railway lines, the drill press to which this torque limiting coupling is attached sinks large screws into railroad ties made of various materials such as steel, concrete, plastic and wood. Each material requires a different size of screw and a different amount of drive torque. The railroad workers are able to manually adjust the slip torque setting of the coupling to the value needed for each material by loosening or tightening the adjustment nut. The output shaft allows for the quick interchange of sockets to accommodate the various screw sizes.

Mach III provides rapid turn-around for application adapted designs. This torque limiter was designed and quoted within 24 hours of the initial discussion between the client and our engineers. The units were manufactured within 3 weeks. 

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Slip Clutch Adapted For Diameter Restriction

clock September 16, 2015 06:14 by author Mach III Clutch

T4A4H-001_highres_outlinedThis mechanical friction torque limiter was created in response to a customer’s request for a slip clutch with a 3180 pound inch setting and a 44L100 pilot mounted pulley. The first challenge of this application was that the outside diameter of the torque limiter could not exceed the diameter of the pulley. Mach III designed this unit with eight friction surfaces to deliver the required torque within the diameter restriction. 

The second challenge was that the unit had to fit on a 1.25 Inch shaft.  The design could accommodate a 1.25 inch bore, but there was no room for a keyway.  Mach III extended the drive hub and fitted it with a locking collar to connect the torque limiter to the shaft.

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Torque Limiter Coupling with Interchangeable Output

clock March 18, 2015 09:50 by author Mach III Clutch

Morse_Taper_Torque_Limiter_CouplingCommonly used to open and close gate valves in water treatment and irrigation systems, this friction torque limiter coupling connects to a power drill with a #3 Morse taper socket.  A variety of output options are available including different sized squares and keyed bores.   The coupling is pre-set at the factory to a torque value you specify and may be adjusted in the field if needed.  When the torque setting is exceeded, the coupling slips to prevent over tightening.

Torque Limiter Details

  • #3 Morse Taper Input
  • Weight:  7 pounds
  • 4.5 Inch Outside Diameter, Length Varies By Coupling
  • Torque Settings Between 10 and 233 Pound Feet Can Be Specified

Coupling Options Shown

  • Top:  1.0 Inch Bore with Standard Keyway and Set Screws
  • Left:  0.75 Inch Square
  • Center:  2.0 Inch Square (Fits 2 Inch Square AWWA Operating Nut)
  • Right:  0.75 Inch Bore with Standard Keyway & Set Screws
  • Coupling Weight:  1 – 2 pounds

Download Spec Sheet and 3D Models

Torque Limiter Coupling Connects Square Shafts

clock October 14, 2014 17:38 by author Mach III Clutch

T4Q2H-001 FrontUsed on to raise and lower an antena on a military vehicle, this torque limiter coupling is exposed to the elements. Stainless Steel contruction assures that it up under the harsh conditions. The torque limiter portion fits a 1.0 Inch Square, the coupling portion fits a 0.75 Inch Square. The torque limiter protects the driven shaft by slipping if the factory torque setting of 1,800 pound inches is exceeded while the antena is raised.

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Torque Limiter with Bearing Supported Coupling

clock January 21, 2014 05:05 by author Mach III Clutch

Mach_III_V6G2G-001_Torque LimiterAt Mach III, we try to find balance between due diligence regarding new applications and driving our customers and prospects crazy with questions, but this is one example of where it prevented a costly mistake.  This design evolved from an order for the  V6G1G-STL torque limiter mechanism with coupling.  The catalog model was chosen by the end user after consulting Mach III’s website and the company tasked with building the equipment ordered what was specified. 

At the time of the order, however, there were several red flags that led to contact between Mach III’s engineering team and the project engineer.  Their discussions and a review of layout sketches revealed that V6G1G-STL was unsuitable as there was no support for the coupling shaft and the unit did not have the required torque capacity.  The unit which resulted, V6G2G-001 pictured above, includes a rigid coupling with internal bearing to pilot the 1.75 Inch drive shaft and support the 2.0 inch coupling shaft.  It has a torque capacity of 8,777 pound inches, almost 3 times more than the model originally chosen. 

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Custom Design Solutions: Special C-Face Mounting

clock June 8, 2012 11:57 by author Mach III Clutch

C3C2P-001Mach III designs and manufactures clutches, brakes and torque limiters in custom c-face configurations.  In this example, the customer needed a device to limit the torque between the motor and a coupling which was used to fasten a cap.  The customer required the torque setting to be adjustable.

Mach III suggested an air engaged clutch.  The customer would be able to adjust the torque applied to the capper coupling by increasing or decreasing the air pressure supplied C3C2P-001 001to the clutch.  When the capper met resistance, the clutch would slip.

Unique in this application was the motor face which required that the clutch mounting flanges be off-center from the clutch housing.  The motor and capper coupling were sent to Mach III so the dimensions could be verified.  The second photograph shows the finished clutch in place between the motor and capper coupling.

Taming the Gorilla

clock November 18, 2009 11:41 by author Mach III Clutch

Mach III was contacted by a facility which uses large manually operated control valves. The quarter-turn valves are driven through right angle worm reducers by hand operated chain wheels. Due to the unfortunate fact that human beings are not equipped with torque sensors in their muscles, costly downtime failures were occurring when excess force was applied to the worm reducer via the chain wheel. Working with the facility's engineer, Mach III designed a special, keyless, friction torque limiter to connect the chain wheel to the reducer shaft. 

T4B2H-001 with Chain Wheel AssemblyIn addition to designing and manufacturing the torque limiter, Mach III also provided the customer with a mounting diagram including suggested dimensions for machining their existing chain wheel to accept the new device. Although Mach III offers the service of machining existing mating components, in this case the customer's shop felt comfortable with the task. The torque limiter was successfully installed and adjusted to a setting where it would slip to protect the worm reducer when the shop gorilla swings on the chain.

Those accustomed to working with other clutch suppliers might assume that only an application promising considerable quantities would merit this level of attention. But this customer needed only three torque limiters, and spent just about one thousand dollars. So what is the motivation? A report from the customer that the new system "worked perfectly".

If  you've got a nagging issue needing a clutch, brake or torque limiter solution and are concerned that no one will think it's worth their while, give Mach III a call. We know you will be pleasantly surprised.

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