About Mach III


Who We Are

Mach III Clutch is a third generation family owned and women owned small business. The three owners, listed below, are full time participants in the day to day operations of the company.

  • Lesli (Becknell) Riehemann
    With Mach III Since 1992
    Owner Since 1997
    Responsibilities: Chief Executive/Financial Officer, Engineering Oversight, Marketing & Sales
  • David Becknell
    With Mach III Since 1993
    Owner Since 2000
    Responsibilities: Chief Operations Officer, Production, Quality, Purchasing
  • Jennifer Becknell
    With Mach III Since 1998
    Owner Since 2012Responsibilities: Corporate Secretary, Customer Service

           Company Reds Game Outting

                   Ollie: The most integral part of daily operations here at Mach III.

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