Custom Designed Brakes, Clutches and Torque Limiters


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 Mach III Products

Air and Spring Engaged Friction Brakes, Clutches, Combination Clutch-Brakes, and Mechanical Torque Limiters
300 catalog models and 2,200+ custom products with torque capacities up to 60,000 pound inches are used in machinery
to connect and disconnect, stop, hold, maintain tension control, and protect machine components from overload. 

 Custom Design Tools 

Custom Design Is at the Heart of What We Do
75% of our business is the production of non-catalog models ranging from slight modifications of our standard designs
to completely unique creations. Even if you only need a single unit, we will supply a custom design and quotation.

  Mach III Team

Engineering, Sales, Production, Customer Service, and Product Support: All Under One Roof
Our team collaborates to make sure your products are designed properly, quoted promptly, manufactured accurately,
and shipped when promised.

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