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How We Help

If you are responsible for the design, retrofit or maintenance of machinery and are in need of a brake, clutch or torque limiter, Mach III will assist by:

  • Reviewing your application
  • Recommending a suitable product, or
  • Reconfiguring or creating an item to meet your needs, or
  • Referring you to another supplier if a better solution exists.


Our products utilize friction discs to transmit torque and are applied with either compressed air or spring pressure

Catalog Products

Friction Clutch with Sprocket


For torque requirements to 41,000 pound inches, nearly 300 models designed for connecting, disconnecting, starting, stopping, holding, overload protection and tension control. 

Most catalog models ship in 2 weeks. Shaft mounted models are bored and keyed to your shaft specifications.

Customized Solutions

Failsafe Holding Brake


For torque requirements to 60,000 pound inches, 2000+ models engineered for food processing, packaging, material handling, laminating, load testing and more.

Most custom models ship in 3 weeks. The custom design and quote process takes less than a week. 

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